Cebu Getaway 2017

Another of our *free flights takes us to the Queen City of the South, CEBU! It’s not called a Queen for nothin’ because it’s got so much to offer to travel-hungry people like us. There’s just too many sights to mention that it became a tedious task to choose where to go! *Our free flight … More Cebu Getaway 2017

Nagbasa sa Masasa

We’ve been looking at this weekend getaway for months now since we wanted to go out without spending as much as we did in previous trips. On Facebook, we saw a lot of posts about this hidden beauty in Tingloy, Batangas. And so, we followed some of their tips before venturing! First thing that attracted … More Nagbasa sa Masasa

Request your Way

Hello, everyone! As promised, we’ve got another page for your suggestions. Here, you can message us to suggest places and food you think we should try. When we see your post and have a discussion about it, we’ll be sure to update you and tag you when we’ve written about it.  🙂

Wawa Dam

We decided to take a breather from the city. It was only the night before that we jumped on the idea of going to Wawa Dam in Rodriguez, Rizal. The hook? Pictures of people bathing where the current flows! Going to Rodriguez, we got on a van from Cubao. You might find signs saying Montalban, … More Wawa Dam

About the Authors

Learn a little more about the authors, so you know whose opinion can be of better help to you as you seek out advice about our trips. Xian She is currently a government employee, stuck with the weekday routine, so she tries to make the most out of her weekends. She has a knack for drawing animé and … More About the Authors